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be careful when you are on #paludis

In my opinion, a good community should treat new comers well. But some people think otherwise. (zhllg) i think many people like the idea installation could resume automatically when failure occur, is it possible with paludis? (mlangc) zhllg:  mlangc maskd masterdriverz maxauthority midnite__ mzli  mlangc maskd masterdriverz maxauthority midnite__ mzli (zhllg) mlangc, i've seen that actually, just wonder why, is it difficult to implement technically? (mlangc) i don't think so; as far as i know it is not implemented by __design__ - but you should better ask someone that actually works on paludis; i'm a simple user myself (rbrown`) zhllg: er no. Too unreliable, too flaky and far too widely abused; (zlin) zhllg: wouldn't it be much better to fix the packages that cause it to fail in the first place... (zhllg) zlin, yeah, from a developer's perspective * dleverto

Interest and Open source

One of the great things about open source software is, of course, the fact that anyone can participate, so the pool of resources is limited not by an annual hiring budget, but by interest in the project. That means you can have any number of developers, but it also means that one person may be involved in several areas if he or she finds them interesting.


知道原因了 handbook-x86.xml本身没有问题 不过有一个它指向的文件,里面缺了个</p> 而且使用了非utf-8编码 ... 怪我之前没说 检查语法错误,可以用 xmllint -valid -noout filename.xml


什么是gorg? 首先是,我终于可以运行独立的gorg服务器了。 neysx给了我一个提示: TW, you do not need to use the stand-alone web server, but if you want to, it seems something changed in webrick (ruby's www server) and the default bound address ( ) does not work anymore. Edit www.rb and add the :BindAddress param: s = :BindAddress => " ", :AccessLog=>access_log, :Logger => $Log, :Port => $Config["port"], :CGIPathEnv => ENV["GORG_CONF"]) 其次,我发现 http://localhost/doc/en/handbook/2006.1/handbook-x86.xml?part=1&chap=5 这样的连接打不开,也就是后面带&chap=5的 后来发现和libxml2和libxslt的版本有关,分别降到2.6.26和1.1.17,就行了 但问题根源应该在于一些xsl不够规范 现在,还剩一个问题 http://localhost/doc/zh_cn/handbook/2006.1/handbook-x86.xml 这个文件打不开 但是除了x86以外的其他handbook,都没有问题 把它放到上级目录也没有问题 错误的提示是sections tag不全,但这个文件里又没有sections这个tag


If your mp3's id3 tag conforms to id3v2.4, which means probably you have disabled chardet, then pay attention to your fallback encoding setting, leave it alone, don't set it. trust me!

the default brower of xchat 2.8

The logic to find default brower is changed from xchat 2.6.8 to 2.8. The 2.8 xchat will call xdg-open to open brower, in KDE, xdg-open will call konqueror unless you have set KDE's default brower to others. I like firefox, and older version of xchat used to call firefox for me. So I set KDE's default brower in kcontrol: KDE components-> Component chooser -> Web brower.


alpha(audacious-1.3.0-alpha1)的东西就放到~x86里 upstream maintainer和ebuild maintainer为同一个人看来是有些问题…… 而且本来好好的东西偏偏要胡乱改 这个audacious/strings.c文件里,本来str_to_utf8()函数里的顺序是对的 也就是先判断是否已经为utf8,如果是,则马上返回。 结果现在先做的不是这个判断,结果,已经是utf8的还要再转码,就成了乱码……

regexec(3)'s usage:Match Results with Subexpressions An example program: #include <stdio.h> #include <sys/types.h> #include <regex.h> /* 取子串的函数 */ static char* substr(const char*str,                 unsigned start, unsigned end) {         unsigned n = end - start;         static char stbuf[256];         strncpy(stbuf, str + start, n);         stbuf[n] = 0;         return stbuf; } /* 主程序 */ int main(int argc, char** argv) {         int x, z, lno = 0, cflags = REG_EXTENDED;         char ebuf[128], lbuf[256];         regex_t reg;         regmatch_t pm[10];         const size_t nmatch = 10;         /* 编译正则表达式*/         z = regcomp(&reg, "(reg|regular)[ ]?(ex|expression)", cflags);         /* 逐行处理输入的数据 */         while(fgets(lbuf, sizeof(lbuf), stdin))         {                 ++lno;                 if ((z = strlen(lbuf)) > 0 && lbuf[z-1]                                 == '\n')            


sed -i -e  ' #找到有下面这段字的行 /在这段时间内被修正或解决的bug/ { #读入下面一行 N #如果下面一行以</ul>开头 /\n<\/ul>/ { #就替换一下 s/在这段时间内被修正或解决的bug/bug在这段时间被标记为重复/ } }' *