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kgdb and 64bit loongson kernel

The kernel crashed at last. But it didn't drop into gdb. I have set up a breakpoint at panic(), so it is not a panic. My speculation proved wrong, and I have no idea what went wrong here. I will give up for the time being. Gotta read some books and help to make the 32bit loongson port stable.

gorg on loongson box

I have successfully run gorg on my loongson box. Find more info about gorg here: more info about loongson here:


最近在玩kgdb 似乎人们对于kgdb的热情不高 现在sf.net上cvs里的kgdb只能打在2.6.17内核上 目前的龙芯用的是2.6.18.1,好在要改动的地方不是很多,也不难 kgdb管理补丁用的是quilt,稍微看看man就明白了,用起来很方便 其实vanilla里也有一个kgdb选项,但实际上似乎是不能用的,连个断点都设置不了 之前我编的内核有两个问题,一个是网络传输速度慢,scp的时候经常断,如果用debian,速度恒定保持在2.x M/s,一个是字符界面在显示器上显示不出,显示器报告超出范围,debian里正常。我之前用的是从dev.lemote.com里checkout出来的内核代码里面自带的配置文件,稍做了改动。后来我用了debian的/proc/config.gz,就好了。可是我对比两个config也没看出有什么差异可以导致这两个问题。目前还是一个谜。 最后玩kgdb光靠串口来控制还是不行,现在continue之后,gdb里显示到free多少多少memory之后,就没有任何信息了,但是在显示器上可以看到实际上已经成功启动了。 kgdb真的很爽,如果想让目标机器的内核停止运行,并等待被开发机器上的gdb连接和控制,只需要在开发机器上执行 echo -e "\003" > /dev/ttyS1

gentoo's mips toolchain

Gentoo's mips64el toolchain(created by 'crossdev') support n32 by default. However, I want o32. Good news is I don't need mips64el, instead I need mipsel. Thanks to spbecker for pointing it out to me. I think mips64 here is the name of processor architecture. Apparently loongson doesn't belong to that category.

按音序排序的utf8和gb18030 locale 下载后,解压缩 cd locale-pinyin-0.1 make sudo cp zh_CN.hacked /usr/share/i18n/locales/zh_CN sudo cp iso14651_t1.pinyin /usr/share/i18n/locales/ locale-gen 修改/etc/env.d/xxi18n,如果LANG不是zh_CN.utf8,一定要单独设定LC_COLLATE  $ cat /etc/env.d/100i18n LANGUAGE=en_US LC_CTYPE=zh_CN.utf8 LC_COLLATE=zh_CN.utf8 LANG=en_US.utf8

the difference between GB18030 charmap of redhat's glibc and that of GNU's glibc

GB18030 charmap of redhat's glibc is different from that of GNU's glibc. I don't know exactly what this difference means to users. But I wonder why this difference exists. Get the former at Get the latter at I've created a diff which could be get here: