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The new Simplified Chinese doc translation page is ready

I put it on my I have done some modification to neysx's trads script. And I have written a new perl script which could generate a totally new trads.xml (think it like a config file to trads) from scratch. I am using git as version control software. The gitweb page is here:;a=summary The script is here:;a=tree;f=xml

Shiny new Simplified Chinese doc translation list

First of all, thanks to neysx and his excellent tool . Also thanks to Simone Li for translating the original French template to English. Actually, it is not finished yet. I have to finish translating the page to Chinese, then write a script to auto update trads.xml which records the priority, translated version, current version of each doc. Anyway if you want to take a preview, the URL is here: Notice: don't be fooled, :) Although the current list on the above page is almost empty, we have actually translated a lot of docs into Chinese, especially the whole handbook, ;) So, check it out: