glibc doesn't build with linux-header-2.6.28 on loongson

Works I have done related to Loongson in recent months

EAPI 2: SRC_URI Arrows implementation in portage

A problem in Loongson 2F specific integer operation instruction patch

Gcc 4.4 Loongson 2F specific integer multiply/divide instruction patch

improvements (Gentoo specific) to distcc zeroconf support

make awstats support Gentoo

portage-2.2 preserve-libs FEATURES explained

Some updates (docs, loongson, as-needed)

Old story

Some updates about loongson

2008.0_beta1 is ready, so is the accompanying Simplified Chinese handbook

How to ssh-add in cron job

2008.0 Simplified Chinese handbook all finished

The new Simplified Chinese doc translation page is ready

Shiny new Simplified Chinese doc translation list

A live binutils ebuild

Share /usr/portage via NFS