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Revive ripple-client-desktop

The first goal is to make it fully functional with RippleAPI.

Current status is most read only operations are working except order book.

Please follow this twitter thread for the most recent updates:
This weekend I tried to revive ripple-client-desktop. l I have reached a point at which I can run gulp without any warning on the command line. However, the app stuck at loading. Then I figured out that the client uses an ancient ripple-lib API. — r0bertz (@r0bertz) December 17, 2018

MIPS N32 patch for xulrunner(firefox)

Finally, I have produced some results. I have watched 6 seasons of 24 and 2 seasons of Friends since late last month. So this is delayed. :P
The patch is here.
I think it still need some tweaks, you can always get the latest patch in my loongson overlay on

The produced xulrunner could run a little example:
(untar the tarball, cd myapp && xulrunner-1.9 application.ini)

However, I haven't got a fully functioning firefox yet.
Some font size is extremely large. And sometimes bus error.

I have noticed that I have used -O3 to compile it.
I will try -O2/-O1 later and see if it still bus error.

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