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Revive ripple-client-desktop

The first goal is to make it fully functional with RippleAPI.

Current status is most read only operations are working except order book.

Please follow this twitter thread for the most recent updates:
This weekend I tried to revive ripple-client-desktop. l I have reached a point at which I can run gulp without any warning on the command line. However, the app stuck at loading. Then I figured out that the client uses an ancient ripple-lib API. — r0bertz (@r0bertz) December 17, 2018

FEATURES installsources not working on MIPS?

Update 2010-07-09: the patch received upstream attention. The maintainer said it's better to send to directly.
Update: just reported to upstream

I resumed my quest to xulrunner linking problem on Loongson:

But I found that "installsources" FEATURE is not working on Loongson. I investigated it and found that it is because debug.sources file produced by debugedit is empty.

Then I found that in turn was because debug related sections in MIPS elf file is not of type SHT_PROGBITS, but SHT_MIPS_DWARF.

[32] .debug_aranges MIPS_DWARF 00000000 0845c4 0002c0 00 0 0 1
[33] .debug_pubnames MIPS_DWARF 00000000 084884 001a2a 00 0 0 1
[34] .debug_info MIPS_DWARF 00000000 0862ae 015221 00 0 0 1
[35] .debug_abbrev MIPS_DWARF 00000000 09b4cf 002c9a 00 0 0 1
[36] .debug_line …

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