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How to use trads.rb to manage translations and generate a Lead Translator's page gotta read this this will help me to generate a beautiful page showing the status of translation. Our current status page is beautiful too, but it is missing some functions, e.g. the diff between the latest translated en doc and the latest en doc. The script in the above mentioned doc could do this. Wonderful! The result could be seen at However, this script only works with gorg. That means is no longer a suitable place to hold the status page (which is known as progress.xml currently)

RMS: Why Upgrade to GPL Version 3

What does a Linux newbie need to know to successfully install Gentoo?

According to Ted - What is GNU? - What are the main parts of an operating system and what does each part do? - What is a GNU/Linux distribution? - What is VMware? - What is a .iso file? - What does the ifconfig program do? - What does the ping command do? - What is a file? - What is a filesystem? - What is a hierarchal filesystem? - What is a directory? - What does the cd command do? - What does the pwd command do? - What does the ls command do? - What does the -l option do when passed to the ls command? - What is a symbolic link? - In an ls long listing, how does one know which entries are files, directories and links? - What is the purpose of the /mnt directory? - What is a path? - What is a path separator? - What is contained in the /bin directory? - What does the "more" command do? - What does a "pipe" do and what is its symbol? - What does the -a option do when passed to the ls command? - What is the purpose o