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How to ssh-add in cron job

EDIT: updated link in this article. ssh-add can let your ssh-agent remember the passphrase of your ssh secret key, so that you don't need to type any password when loging into a remote machine. However, it is an interactive program, you can't call it in a cron job. Even if you can, you will expose your passphrase in a file, which is not safe. The solution is actually very easy. You don't really need to ssh-add. All you need to do is letting ssh know some environment variable. First of all, I recommend you set up ssh-agent forwarding with GNU screen following instruction here: Then in your cron job script, source ${HOME}/bin/fixssh first. Done! Enjoy ;)

2008.0 Simplified Chinese handbook all finished;a=shortlog Not too much work to do actually. First I copied current handbook and 2007.0 networkless handbook. Then wrote a little script to update version number and date and change all occurrences of 2007.0 to 2008.0 automatically. Then made a diff between old and new English handbook. Then modify old handbook according to the diff of English version. Done ;)