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There's been some problem renewing this domain. We might as well abandon this domain name altogether and switch to Actually I have already registered the later one. Probably will set it up this weekend. Meanwhile you can access the site using Everything works fine, except sub domains, like {planet,irc...} Sorry for the convenience caused, if any.

gentoo-zh overlay

So gentoo-china and gentoo-taiwan overlay will merge. The new overlay will be called gentoo-zh. I have already added gentoo-zh overlay to repositories.xml based on which layman-global.txt is generated. Thanks to microcai for merging the repository of these two projects. EDIT: sorry there is an error about the source type. already fixed.

New job, New life

So, as some of you may know, I have just settled down in San Jose, CA. My new job is Site Reliability Engineer in Google Mountain View office. I would like make some new friends here. If you live nearby, let me know, ;)