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Old story

Although I don't know the direct cause of council's decision this time, it reminds me of an old story. Quote some Diego's words: Don’t think we woke up this morning and decided to get rid of any developer. We considered this for a quite long time. Over all, I think the decision was took after a too long time. You can criticise, you can joke, but if the people you joke upon don’t laugh with you at the joke, then apologise and stop it!

Some updates about loongson

1. Gcc's support for loongson is coming: 2. Lemote Loongson 2F box's release has been postponed to June 30. For those who want to order 2F box: I have talked to 2F box's product manager, he recommended sending email to directly. That's it, ;) PS: Lemote has Loongson laptop, too.

2008.0_beta1 is ready, so is the accompanying Simplified Chinese handbook

Releases: Handbooks:;a=summary Enjoy!