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How to file crypto tax for free

I just published the scripts that I used to prepare tax for XRP sales. With no or minimal changes, it should work for any crypto, any exchange. The repo is at Below is the contents of XRP Tax This is a collection of scripts to prepare tax for crpyto (not necessarily XRP) sales. A majority of this project deals with XRP Ledger, so it is called "XRP Tax". The end product is a csv file that can be uploaded to . Things to note Terminology: Symbol : The currency being traded. Currency : The currency you paid/got when buying/selling Symbol. USDT is considered USD. The csv format (except that of the end product) is format 1 . The Source column is overloaded. If Action is SEND, Source is actually destination. Only LIFO (Last-In, First-Out) method is implemented. LIFO method is universally applied for a Symbol no matter where the trade actually happened. Like-kind exchange