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Revive ripple-client-desktop

The first goal is to make it fully functional with RippleAPI.

Current status is most read only operations are working except order book.

Please follow this twitter thread for the most recent updates:
This weekend I tried to revive ripple-client-desktop. l I have reached a point at which I can run gulp without any warning on the command line. However, the app stuck at loading. Then I figured out that the client uses an ancient ripple-lib API. — r0bertz (@r0bertz) December 17, 2018

silent splash progress bar does not progress

I got a laptop from my employer (Novell) nearly 3 months ago. I installed both Gentoo and SLED in it. I didn't setup fbsplash on it when I installed Gentoo. I tried it today.

However, I found the progress bar in silent mode did not progress. It stayed at "Initializing kernel", 0%.

Finally, I found the reason was that I didn't have "/lib/rc/plugins" directory and as a consequence splashutils openrc plugin can't be installed into this directory. And that's why the progress bar does not progress.

I think maybe it is a bug in openrc. But I am not sure and I can't investigate it further today, it is already 3 pm. :( So I just left a note here. :)

Update on building mips64el cross toolchain

1. git clone git://

2. Don't include loongson overlay's directory directly in your PORTDIR_OVERLAY. But in your own overlay, like /usr/local/portage, create symlinks pointing to sys-devel/ and sys-libs/glibc in loongson overlay. This is because you may not want to install packages from loongson overlay in your host machine. Also you need to make sure your own overlay is the first overlay containing binutils/gcc/glibc in your PORTDIR_OVERLAYS list. You may check the value of this list using command:
portageq envvar PORTDIR_OVERLAY
3. Then, just run crossdev -t mips64el-unknown-linux-gnu. This command installed the following components on my host machine:
linux-headers-2.6.27-r2 from portage.binutils-2.19.1-r1 from loongson overlay.gcc-4.4.2 from portage. The gcc in loongson overlay currently is just a symlink to portage gcc.glibc-2.9_p2009042 from loongson overlay. However if you build the toolchain now, glibc-2.10.1 will be installed instead, …

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