Sunday, November 29, 2009

silent splash progress bar does not progress

I got a laptop from my employer (Novell) nearly 3 months ago. I installed both Gentoo and SLED in it. I didn't setup fbsplash on it when I installed Gentoo. I tried it today.

However, I found the progress bar in silent mode did not progress. It stayed at "Initializing kernel", 0%.

Finally, I found the reason was that I didn't have "/lib/rc/plugins" directory and as a consequence splashutils openrc plugin can't be installed into this directory. And that's why the progress bar does not progress.

I think maybe it is a bug in openrc. But I am not sure and I can't investigate it further today, it is already 3 pm. :( So I just left a note here. :)



Anonymous Tiburcio said...

Hi there, mate, when first trying out openrc plus splashutils i faced a similar problem. It seems Roy recommends remerging openrc to fix some stuff. I did it and it worked.

See you,


12/01/2009 6:27 AM  
Anonymous bitozoid said...

I rebuilt splashutils and the directory appeared. It works now.

12/08/2009 1:57 AM  

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