improvements (Gentoo specific) to distcc zeroconf support

distcc's got zeroconf support
That is cool!

However, there are problems (althouth not everyone got these problems).
One of them is that if you have multiple version of gcc's or even
cross compilers, distcc clients can't discover them, since distccd will
only register your current active gcc.
And if you want to change your native compiler's version, you must
restart distccd in order to let it take effect.

Having multiple gcc's may not be common in other distribution, but
this is common in gentoo.
This is what I have on my x86 notebook:
gcc-config -l
[1] i686-pc-linux-gnu-4.3.1 *
[2] mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-4.3.0-alpha20080731
[3] mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-4.3.1
[4] mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-4.4.0-alpha20080718 *
[5] mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu-4.4.0-alpha20080801
[6] powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-4.2.3 *

So I made a little patch:

Hope there will be a distcc-2.18.3-r14 or distcc-3.0_rc4 in tree soon, ;)


Anonymous said…
This is great! I talked to Lennart about that earlier and he thought it would be a great idea. He just wasn't in the need for it so he left it out.

Thanks for doing this patch!!!!!
Robert Zhang said…
my pleasure, ;)
Anonymous said…
cool, thanks a lot !

do you have already a distcc-3 ebuild or would you help me writing one ?
I haven´t looked very close to the code of the prereleases yet but apparently it shouldn´t be that hard.

Maybe also a good point to include your patch and get feedback from users ;-)

thanks !

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