Friday, November 28, 2008

EAPI 2: SRC_URI Arrows implementation in portage


Today I found arrows in SRC_URI is not working in my box, so I took a look at the code, found something, and sent this:

However, as Zac pointed out, the better solution is not to define your own fetch and resume command but rely on the default one.

The default ones are defined in /etc/make.globals:
FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -t 5 -T 60 --passive-ftp -O \"\${DISTDIR}/\${FILE}\" \"\${URI}\""
RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -c -t 5 -T 60 --passive-ftp -O \"\${DISTDIR}/\${FILE}\" \"\${URI}\""
The rules of thumb is to make sure you save the file at ${DISTDIR}/${FILE}, since FILE is just the file name, doesn't include path.

Previously I have fetch and resume command defined in make.conf, and have used "-P ${DISTDIR}" instead of "-O ${DISTDIR}/${FILE}". Maybe portage should give warnings on this situation.

I encountered this problem when trying to install sopcast from gentoo china overlay.
Sopcast is a p2p stream TV software.
The latest ebuild uses arrows in SRC_URI, since its upstream doesn't include version in source tarball's file name. It is contributed by Hong Hao.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talking about Sopcast ... can you try to ask them to publish a source code?

12/02/2008 6:45 AM  
Blogger Zhang Le said...

I don't have connection with them, yet. :) AFAIK, there are no open sourced implementation of P2P stream video. So maybe they won't feel it necessary to open source it.

12/02/2008 9:42 AM  

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