Sunday, October 22, 2006

zhcon 0.2.6 will be in portage soon

UTF-8 support is added in this version. To enable it, you have to use "zhcon --utf8" to start zhcon. zhcon's homepage is here:
This version is already in gentoo-china overlay.
"layman -a gentoo-china" to check it out.
Or you could see it here:
flameeyes said too much overlays will bring us down. I agree, to some extent. But that requires the maintainers response in a timely fashion. Otherwise, users can only resort to overlays.
Fortunately, I am now become the proxy maintainer of zhcon. That situation won't happen to zhcon again as long as I remain as zhcon's proxy maintainer.

EDIT: now it is in portage, so I have deleted it from gentoo-china overlay.


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