[Java] anonymous inner class issue

It seems that if an anonymous inner class implements an interface ,then its constructor can't have argument。If really need arguments, theorectically two solutions:

  1. define a method which takes arguments (must be "final"). The method does nothing but return an anonymous class, which uses the method's arguments。

  2. public Destination dest(final String dest) {
    return new Destination() {
    private String label = dest;
    public String readLabel() { return label; }

  3. see the exmaple below:

  4. import java.io.*;
    import java.util.*;

    abstract class NewFilenameFilter implements FilenameFilter{
    protected String start, end;
    NewFilenameFilter(String s, String e){
    start = s;
    end = e;

    public class NameFilter{
    public static void main(String argv[]){
    if(argv.length != 1){
    System.out.println("must have one argument!");
    File f = new File(argv[0]);
    if( !f.exists()){
    System.out.println(argv[0] + " does not exists");

    String s[] = f.list(new NewFilenameFilter("u", "c"){
    public boolean accept(File dir, String filename){
    boolean isMatch = true;
    isMatch &= filename.startsWith(start);
    isMatch &= filename.endsWith("." + end);
    return isMatch;
    /* print s */

However, if the class has the possibility to be used somewhere else, better give it a name。


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