Microsoft/Novell deal: something happened on a Chinese Linux forum

I write this in English so that all people around the world could get a chance to know what's going on in one of the biggest Chinese Linux forum
On SUSE Linux sub-forum of, there were some threads talking about MS and Novell's deal recently. But unfortunately, someone with high privilege in the forum combined these threads and moved them to a place that few people visit. So people won't see it in its original place. Moreover, people can't found it through the link provided in the reply-notification email mailed to them. The pictures below illustrate this:
Unless you are familiar with the operation of vBulletin or use search function of the forum you won't see it again. So the discussion discontinued, or rather _stopped_ by external and yet irresistible force.
Then someone expressed angriness about this in SUSE sub-forum, and more people followed him. The discussion went on. However, this thread again is "combined" now.
Apparently they are fearing about something.
I am so disappointed.


Anonymous said…
Hi Zhang Le. Sorry my question is not related to your post. What chinese font do you use? I can't read chinese but I want chinese chars to display nicely. Thanks
Robert Zhang said…
It's a font from Windows Vista, MS yahei

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