More on mldonkey and loongson

My little patch to mldonkey's Makefile donesn't satisfy mldonkey developer. I didn't come up with a better solution. So I resorted to modify mldonkey's ebuild. Maybe not so elegant, but it works, at least for me.

I added the following snippet to src_install():
EXE="mlnet mld_hash get_range copysources make_torrent subconv"

if [ -f mlnet.byte ]; then
for i in $EXE; do
mv $i.byte $i
dobin $EXE || die "dobin failed"
The ebuild could found here:

This overlay is independent from the one on, although the latter was actually registered by me. Because I can't access's svn repository, probably due to network problem. So I just maintain this overlay locally, using git. To get it, run:
BTW, I have just registered a domain name: I will make it theportal site of Chinese Gentoo community. As of this writing, this site is hosting latest Chinese Gentoo handbook and zh_cn GWN. Take a look:

I have been translating Gentoo handbook with my translation teammates for several months. We hope we can setup an official translation team soon.
Current progress:
Our activities could be found here:


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